Clear, Up Front Video Courses on Qt

We have made it our business to provide the best online learning resources for Qt Development.We put in the required effort to make sure the code resources coming with the courses are up to date and use the latest tools to reduce the husstle for students as much as possible. We already have the basic courses on Qt C++ and QML out and there are more in the pipeline.

Fun and Engaging Qt Learning Free Resources

On top of our video courses, we provide tons of free text format tutorials on our blog. We also have a Learn Qt Guide dedicated youtube channel you can subscribe to join our inside members on the fresh tricks on Qt Development. On top of that we plan to put out comic/infographic enhanced PDFs to help Qt Developers master selected topics effortlessly.


They work together to conceive, organize,record,edit,publish and follow up on our Qt Learning Resources

Daniel Gakwaya

Software Developer & Instructor

Daniel has been writing software for the last 7 years or so and Qt is one of his favorite frameworks. Many of his cross platform Qt based projects are completed and out there on the market. Autodidact by nature ,he has a passion for learning new things and particularly loves sharing knowledge with others. Especially people new to the dark art of software development.

Delphine Tuyishime

Video Editor & Teaching Assistant

Delphine does most of the video editing for the videos we put out. Although not a software developer, she loves the open source philosophy and decided to use only open source tools in our video production pipeline where possible.She learnt Blender(We use it for Video Editing) for that sole reason. She also takes care slides and other chores. This is the person to blame if you experience any video glitches.

Luna Gwiza

The motivator

She is tough, she is naughty and always running around the house tirelessly. Literally !You may have even heard her tiny voice in some of our videos squirking in the background. Although our editor does a great job to eliminate those out. She is our constant source of motivation and aimless laughter after long days of coding,editing,running around town and God know what. And yes! She is a team member in her own right.